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Greetings! My name is Frank Schalk, digital media & design professional.

The purpose of this site is to showcase the work I have done during my career as a digital media designer and developer. This page highlights the most recent work I have done in the past few years.

I can be reached at Check out my Linkedin profile.


Apple Computer (2014)


At Apple, I served as a Graphics Specialist for Content Development for the Apple Online Store. This is Apple’s official go-to website for purchasing all things iPad, iPhone, Mac, and everything in between. My primary duty was to quality-assure (QA) and implement new product graphics and Web content in test staging environments, which was eventually published live online. This content consisted of default product pages, as well as global-specific marketing launch campaign pages. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for graphics optimization, and then Adobe CQ5 to organize and publish the graphics and retain version control of them. The staging environments, maintained in Apple Geppetto Content Management System (CMS), were for the various official global Web storefronts for Apple.

There was also a Web developer aspect to the role, in that pages were routinely edited at the code level, so knowledge of HTML, CSS and some Javascript came into play. This was especially the case when graphical layout was affected.

I also participated in testing and playback functionality of high definition product videos that were encoded and then embedded in specific product pages in the Apple Online Store. These videos were uploaded and maintained using Adobe CQ5 as well.

 Apple Online Store  (U.S. Version)

This is a screen cap of the official Apple Online Storefront for the United States.

Revamped: With the iPhone 6 launch in late 2014, came a whole new look and feel for the Apple Online Store.


I also worked on testing and implementation of the new version of the US Storefront, concurrent with the iPhone 6 launch and the release of  the OS X Yosemite (10.10)  Operating System shortly before.



Cisco Systems (2010-2014)


For Cisco, I served as content developer, administrator, and designer for the Cisco Learning Network. This is Cisco’s go-to website for all things Cisco Certification-related. As a part of Cisco’s educational branch (Learning@Cisco), the goal of the site is to educate prospective students of Cisco Certification training in the disciplines of IT Networking Infrastructure and design. The site is powered by Jive Business Suite, a leader in social-media powered Enterprise software. I worked as an admin in the Jive environment, as well as prepared multimedia training materials in Camtasia, Adobe Captivate and Final Cut Pro for video projects. I also used HTML, CSS and worked with Javascript to edit page layouts.

I have also served  another role at Cisco as Quality Assurance Graphics Specialist, with an emphasis on official Cisco Branding. You can see a sample of the main project I worked on below.


Original Cisco Learning Network Designs

Cisco Learning Network

Cisco Learning Network (CLN) Homepage:
I was responsible for the layout and design of various aspects of the homepage, from the secondary navigation in the middle, the click-banner design to the right hand side, the rotating content carousel at the top, as well as administrative updates to content. What changed? Beforehand, there was no secondary navigation in graphical form, nor was there a rotating carousel of content before my involvement.


CLN Mobile Apps Page:
I designed the layout, structure and design of various aspects of this page, from top middle banner, to the icon map below with corresponding apps available in the iTunes, Android and Blackberry stores.What changed? Before this page, there was not a single directory of available Cisco Mobile apps throughout or anywhere else where the end user could go to download apps for their mobile device. This single page currently serves as the main repository for Cisco mobile apps, company-wide.


Cisco Learning NetworkCLN Career Changer page:
I developed this space into a portal where a prospective CLN user could access the many resources toward guiding the user toward a career in IT Networking.What changed? Before, there was no top main banner greeting the user to the space. I designed and created this, as well as the banner and layout  to the left.



Cisco Learning Network ArcadeCLN Arcade page:
This is the Games section of the Cisco Learning Network. This is where prospective IT initiates (and alumni) can compete with their peers for points in the community.What changed? Before, this was basically a text only page. I designed and created most of the graphics and icons on the page, including the Mobile Game Apps banner and placement of game apps.


Promotional and Tutorial Videos

Cisco M-Learning promotional video (2010)
I designed, edited and uploaded this short promotional video for Cisco M-Learning. This was an initiative for mobile learning applications for Cisco Certification study that could be accessed on smart phones and tablets. The intended audience for the video is the general public.


Cisco Smart Connected Communities Introduction by Vice President and General Manager, Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn (2011)
I shot, edited and uploaded this short introduction video by the Vice President of Learning@Cisco. This was a project by Cisco which was meant to introduce smart urban planning and sustainability via Cisco technology. The site is not active anymore, but this video showcases the original initiative. The intended audience is the general public.


Cisco Smart Connected Communities Site Guided Tour (2011)
This is a guided tour of the Cisco Smart Connected Communities original website (now part of The initiative was to provide guidance and expertise towards smartly planned urban development, with an emphasis on sustainability via Cisco technology. The site was also powered by Jive Software, and was fully equipped with social media integration. I designed, created, edited and narrated this video with Camtasia.


Cisco E-Learning for CCNA Routing and Switching Application

The function of this application is to provided online interactive training for Cisco Certification. It utilizes video, HTML5 construction and social media integration to provide an all-encompassing experience to the user. I was part of the content development team that oversaw the creation of this product. My role was to facilitate and implement official Cisco branding standards to the design vendor for the UI design of the application. The actual design and development work was done by Envy Labs.

Cisco E-Learning for ICND1 Web and Mobile Application (2013)
(1 of 4)

This is a sample image screen capture showing a network diagram. The product is accessible here.



ELT_cap3Cisco E-Learning for ICND1 Web and Mobile Application (2013)
(2 of 4)

This is the introductory video page featuring the scenario of the learning curriculum and the subsequent learning challenges.



Cisco E-Learning for ICND1Cisco E-Learning for ICND1 Web and Mobile Application (2013)
(3 of 4)

As the user engages the product, they are asked to configure networks in a virtual setting in preparation for certification testing. Here is a screen cap of that scenario.



Cisco E-Learning for ICND1Cisco E-Learning for ICND1 Web and Mobile Application (2013)
(4 of 4)

The application tests the user’s knowledge in the subject by engaging them in interactive challenges, where they can earn points. These can then be shared on all the social media channels and “Liked”.



Cisco Web Banners

The following are some of my original designs and were implemented throughout the Cisco Learning Network site and were also implemented in Google Ads. These were designed and created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Cisco_Aspire_336_GO_NOW_44k study_ccna_336_revised
digital_libraries_336_revised  ITIL_webinar_210px_b
cln_store_banner_4 webinar_banner
Sonia_Self_Assessment_225px summerfever_optin_210px
cln_store_banner_2_207ht summer_fever_banner_array_RR
summer_fever_banner_array_TH_color subscribe_lac_banner_v3
social_media_200x145 cln_store_banner_1




S+CC Institute by Cisco

The following are original banners created and designed by me for the original S+CC Institute Website from 2010-12. The S+CC Institute is a Cisco funded think tank with the mission for smart urban planning and sustainability via Cisco technology. These were designed and created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.



Questions? comments? scathing critiques? Don’t worry..I can be contacted at

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